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When items go on back order Scentsy does all in its power to expedite additional shipments of back ordered items to its distribution center to try and keep shipping times to a minimum. If an item you ordered is on back order you will be notified via e-mail. Scentsy consultants are paid based on their rank, which is directly tied to the amount of points they earn; according to their website, the current value equation is 1 point for every $1 you sell.

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Stay away from all MLMs and their stupid huns. Scentsy warmers gently warm the wax they DO NOT BURN like traditional candles, the wax never leaves the dish! AVOID AVOID AVOID buying the Scentsy brand lamps or plug in wax melt products. At the price you pay for Scentsy products you expect them to be good quality and work. You can buy similar products on Ebay for a quarter of the price and they work just as well and last as long.

So if you ordered in July and received your order in 4 days but then ordered again in December and had to wait 12 days to receive your order, that is why. If you are unsatisfied with a product for any reason you may return the product , for replacement or exchange, within 30 days of when the product is received. You cannot return used products for replacement or exchange. When exchanging a product you may only exchange a like product for a like product, i.e. full-size warmer for full-size warmer, bar for a bar, room spray for room spray, etc.

Also wish they offered free shipping with minimum purchases. I have never received my item which was ordered over a month ago on the online store and have tried complaining. It has taken me to have to raise a claim on PayPal to get any response from the company. They have not offered me a refund or any compensation for the £6 shipping fee I paid.

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When you sign up, the minimal sign-up fee includes enrollment as an official Scentsy Consultant, the Scentsy Starter Kit, a workstation back office, and a personalized Scentsy website free for 3 months. An Element warmer does not use a lightbulb. shop Scentsy use a warming plate internally. A Diffuser uses internal LED lights in the base piece.

They didn’t even have the info right. It was a sink not a table & what idiot offers you another one of something your unhappy with in the first place. Needless to say I definitely won’t be buying anything from them again.

Lead Consultants are expected to earn 500 PRV points a month, and their network of consultants are expected to earn 1,000 a month, of which the Certified Consultant will earn an additional 2% bonus. —You will have access to online training and tools that will help you to organize and grow your business. If you think you’re buying from a good company, think again. Complete child labor and child abuse. Had children making and packaging their wax melts for them, no supervision AT ALL. Owners are horrible, bigoted people and I honestly don’t know how this business is still up and running.

† Requires two half-price credits to save 50%. Not available for Perpetual Party Rewards. • Air quality indicator light lets you know when particles are detected and when the air is clean. For more ways to experience these fragrances, see page 49. Strawberry Rose the fragrances you love!

I bought the diffuser that lights up, and mist setting. Overall it’s great, I found it a little pricey, but there’s a life time warranty. They recommend using their oils in the diffuser, of course they would.

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